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Once you go M.A.C., you never go back!

Tue, 05/31/2011 - 11:09PM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -

Hello, lovelies!

We are back with summer 2011 make up essentials.

I was doing my summer shopping today - just the day before summer how ironic:)

and of course, i couldn't leave out make up!
Now, let me get something straight: everyone is pretty in summer. I know a lot of girls, who prefer not wearing make up. But in my opinion, you can wear make up whenever and wherever you want to, right? All the make up brands actually create summer collections, which means MORE bright colours, MORE waterproof goodies and MORE fun!

Without even thinking, i automatically went up to M.A.C. stand, which is my first choice whenever it comes to make up.

M.A.C. has just launched their new collection called "Surf, baby" and ever since i got an e-mail update about it, i was excited to finally try it on, and let me tell you: i was not disappointed by it. I believe that M.A.C. has a good price->quality relation, so every new item is in 12-30$ price range, which is reasonable enough. What's more,

I don't like using foundation in summer, but a bit of bronzing powder  always gives your sun-kissed skin that golden glow. That's why i chose STUDIO CAREBLEND/PRESSED powder in GOLD-GO-LIGHTLY which costs about 28$ and can be used as a bronzing powder and/or highlighter. Here are a couple of swatches, all the pictures are taken by me


As a huge fan of M.A.C. eyeshadows and bright colours, i definitely needed a signature colour for this summer. My choice is "Surf USA" - a pigmented teal eyeshadow which compliments my red hair and skin tone and is perfect for summer.(15.50 $)

Next step is lip colour. My all-time favourite lipgloss is the 2010 Viva Glam GaGa. Unfortunately, it was discontinued, since it was a limited collection, but i managed to get my hands on the lipglass (14.50$) version of it, because i'm nearly out of my lipstick. It is a light pink colour with blue undertones. It makes your lips look really plump, even if they are small, which is an attractive feature in every lipgloss. It has a light vanilla scent and stays on for a good couple of hours, and is also very pigmented.


You would probably want to get waterproof mascara and eyeliner for summer, so M.A.C. offers SPLASHPROOF LASH waterproof mascara in "BLACKSPLASH" (14$) which can be used as a top coat on other mascaras, but it lengthens and strengthens your lashes and is water-resistant.

If you prefer gel eyeliner, the best choice would be FLUIDLINE EYE-LINER GEL. I got one in "BLACKTRACK" with a #210 brush.(17.50$) It is easy to use and stays on for the whole day without a primer and is also waterproof. (15$)

Next item i want to talk about is, surprisingly, not from M.A.C. It is a LUSH lip balm in "HONEY TRAP" (7$)- my ultimate favourite in the world of vegan cosmetics. It has a great mint+honey smell and makes your lips incredibly soft, which makes it a must-have:) The lady was also nice enough to give me a tester of "LOVELY JUBBLIES" , which is a body balm that smells like jasmine and makes your skin firmer, i love it so far.

My last purchase for today was the new issue of NYLON, with my muse - Florence Welch of Florence+The Machine on the cover and it actually featured an article about M.A.C. make up.


Here is a picture of me from today:


I really hope you've enjoyed this article

Have a fabulous summer, babes!

xoxo, Olga



fashion read

Sat, 11/20/2010 - 8:03AM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -

Hello, our dear readers!

So I've just finished reading this book. Like a couple of minutes ago. And since it is related to fashion I decided that i MUST do a blog post about it.

Imogen Edwards-Jones, the author of such famous novels like Hotel Babylon, Air Babylon and Beach Babylon is now introducing us to the world of high fashion revealing everything that has been securely hidden from the average people's eyes. With the help of the Anonymous ("a collection of high-profile insiders from the fashion industry") he tells about what it takes for a designer to launch a successful collection, to get Anna Wintour to sit at the show and to make models walk straight line. What's behind the flawless skin and 6 feet something? Non-pregnancy contracts. Lines of cokes. Bottles of vodka. Where does the actual fashion start? What happens behind the doors of hotel suites?

If you really want to know the answers to these questions, if you are into fashion, if you are a "hardcore fashionista" - i highly recommend you to read this book.




Thu, 11/18/2010 - 4:20AM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -

Hello, our dear readers (if there are any - hopefully, there are! :D)! I'm here with the second part of winter fashion post and as promised it contains all THE HOTTEST trends. Ladies and gentlemen, here we go:

Top row: Accessorize, £12. Topshop, £8. Topshop, £10. Bottom row: Topshop, £12. Topshop, £12. Accessorize, £8. On the right: Accessorize, £6.

Finally! Thank you, designers for paying so much attention to tights and socks this season and therefore keeping us warm, we do appreciate that. Seriously, I'm so happy that tights are so in now - not talking about some simple ones, we're loving knitted tights and socks or those that look like they are knitted. Thick, warm, soft tights - and you can wear sundresses and summer skirts even in winter!

Top row: Maje Nap, £418. Paul & Joe Sister, £877. Rick Owens, £1,634. Topshop, £65. Topshop, £78. Topshop, £85. Topshop, £195.


Yes, these are shearling coats and jackets. They are warm, soft and really trendy. If you're living somewhere where it's not-so-cold, get a shearling aviator jacket (I'd wear it with Ray-Ban aviators = hot!!!). If you think that you'll get frozen in this, get a coat! Light brown color ('camel' color) is in right now (later about that), so that's a great choice!

Everything on this picture is from Zara. From left to right: jacket, around $100. jacket, around $150. jacket, around $700. coat/cape, around $150.

You probably know how ,much do i love Zara. I thought i should let you know they have a lot of shearling jackets and coats in their new collection, so i highly recommend you to check that out.

Top row: mittens, topshop, £18. mittens, accessorize, £24. Bottom row: UGG Australia, £400. Zara, around $80.

Shearling gloves and mittens are really warm and that's the best thing about them - that's why we love them so much! And shearling bags look really cute, so that's why we can't resist buying them :P

Top row: alexander mcqueen, £838. hunter, £183. Bottom row: topshop, £95. topshop, £80. On the right: topshop, £68.

Oh yes, we love them!

From left to right: Topshop, £80. Haute hippie, £515.

This season fur is really trendy. Designers tried to use it everywhere - fur boots, fur bags, fur coats. But what I've seen A LOT this season - fur vests! So you should probably write it down in your shopping list ;)

From left to right: burberry prorsum, £500. topshop, £45. topshop, £38.

One of the greatest inventions in our fashion world is a cardigan. Think about it - it is something that you can wear to the office, to school, to the party (throwing it over the dress); wear it when you're on your way to the business meeting, to HIS parents' house, to your family reunion. Suitable everywhere, always in, especially if you go with neutral colors.

From left to right: james perse, £44. pringle of scotland, £507. topshop, £85. zara, around $100.

From left to right: crumpet, £209. juicy couture, £174. marc by marc jacobs, £183. topshop, £38.

What is good about fall|winter is that we can finally wear sweaters and all those cute knitted things, to feel cozy and comfortable. Wear long sweaters and sweater dresses - they look amazing with tights (like on the first picture in this post), skinny jeans and shearling boots. No comments, must-have!

Top row: topshop, £95. max azria, £486. pringle 1815, £252. 3.1 phillip lim, £779.

Capes. LOVE!

From left to right: mulberry (alexa bag), £618. tory burch, £460. topshop, £50

When we all were going crazy about bags that look like famous Chanel's 2.55 this spring, the only thing that was really disappointing was their size. They are cute, and they are still in, but let's face it: for someone like me, who carries all their life with them it's hard to fit everything (phonecosmeticsmoleskinecamerakeysheadphonesebookslalalalalaetc) in such a small bag. That's why we are so thankful to designers for bringing messenger bags up on the runway. We prefer brown colors, but wow black ones look so good too :).

Top row: burberry, £711. jaeger london, £350. Bottom row: sonia by sonia rykiel, £528. 3.1 phillip lim, £779. On the right: topshop, £185.

If you are living somewhere where it's too hot to wear fur vests or shearling jackets, but it's too cold just to wear cardigan and shirt pick one of these. Camel color is what we're seeing a lot this season and coats of this color are really stylish and cool.

From left to right: zara, about $70. fendi, £600. topshop, £50.

Chiffon. So feminine, so soft. Dresses, skirts, cardigans, blouses, scarves.... we do admire chiffon. It makes men drop their jaw and our friends (girls) be jealous when they see our gorgeous silhouette in chiffon dress. It makes us feel more loved, more desired - yes, we do love chiffon.

little bonus: alexander mcqueen's new collection. why do we like it? it makes us feel like we're queens!

From left to right: dress, £10,579. dress, £4,052. dress, £6,103.


Leopard prints.


From left to right: topshop, £26. topshop, £38. zara, around $70.


From left to right: fur coat, alexander mcqueen, £5,277. fur coat, burberry prorsum, £1838.



From left to right: topshop, £25. topshop, £25. On the right: on top: christian louboutin, £935. on the bottom: judith leiber, £1353.


Everything on this picture is from Accessorize. From left to right: watch, £35. hat, £17.

So. Leopard prints have been popular for a while, which is for some reason surprises me, I've never thought that people would support the idea of wearing something like this for so long. But we've seen them a lot, and we do enjoy that. But remember, that if you are wearing dress or coat with such print it's the center of your outfit so try to keep everything else simple and neutral. Neutral tights, simple shoes, little clutch - here we rock leopard print dress. Leopard print blouse? skinny jeans, black pumps, black messenger bag. Don't be afraid to wear it, but do it wisely.

So that's all with winter trends, I don't know what the next post will be about, but I think I'll come up with the good idea ;)

Stay tuned!



All the pictures in this post and in the previous one belong to their owners, nothing was taken by me.

Web-sites used:









Wed, 11/17/2010 - 10:26AM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -



Sorry for not updating for so long, we're trying to study + the whole lot of stuff is going on, so there was not much time for everything. But today we're here with a great post! I'm gonna tell you about what's in and what we are wearing. hope you enjoy it!

Everything on this picture is from Accessorize. top row: mittens, £14; hat, £16. bottom row: scarf, £20; hat, £24.

We're loving scandinavian motifs! and when it comes to accessories we're loving Accessorize! There's a wide range of things with such design there, they're cute, and they're warm too.

Everything on this picture is from Zara. from left to right: sweater, around $80. skirt, around $50. dress, around $65. dress, around, $75. sweater, around $75.

I love Zara. They are not so expensive and they always have all-the-right-things. Their clothes are always in, and really stylish. As for me, I'll probably get a dress from picture #4, because it will look so cute with white tights and shearling boots! and sweater from the picture #5 will look amazing with almost everything - skirt (like on the picture), jeans, shorts. god, i love it!

Everything on this picture is from Dolce&Gabbana. From left to right: cardigan, £409. sweater/dress, £243. cardigan, £686

Dolce&Gabbana's F/W 10/11 is all about winter ornaments and scandinavian motifs! These clothes are expensive for someone to buy, but i really wanted to share this with you to give you the idea of what we are wearing this winter. i highly recommend you to check out the whole collection (see the show on youtube or something), because there is a lot more! like chiffon dresses, skirts and blouses, which we are also loving ;)

From left to right: herve leger, £1,635. herve leger, £1894. matthew williamson, £1630.

Christmas and New Year's Eve are coming. Have you already decided what are you gonna wear? No? Good thing, 'cause we offer you sequin dresses!! :) they are so cute, so sparkly, so... christmas! so new year! they will look so good with simple black heels... you'll be a star! Good thing about these is: you can even wear them to office! Just throw simple black jacket over it - and you're ready to party after working hours ;)

From left to right: jimmy choo, £362. gucci, £315. christian louboutin, £532.

Talking of heels. No, we're not wearing flats (of course if your leaving in the country where roads get heck icy and you simply can't walk; still it's not an excuse :D). No, we're not wearing them in office, nope, not wearing them for a party. WE ARE WEARING HEELS. We want our legs to look long, slim, strong. We want to look wore sophisticated. We want men to fall in love with us when they see us. What do we do? THIS WINTER WE'RE WEARING HEELS.

I know, it doesn't seem like a good idea to wear them to school of something. I know, sometimes it hurts legs. I know, you can get tired quickly. But. Do you want to look gorgeous? Do you want to draw attention? Do you want to be paid compliments? Then give heels a try. You'll get used to them very soon, trust me.

From left to right: jimmy choo, £613, michael by michael kors, £230. alexander mcqueen, £506.

If it gets cold where you live - wear boots. One of the main trends is - they should be brown, or beige. and warm ;)

From left to right: dress, topshop, £40. coat, marc by marc jacobs, £226. dress, fendi, £958. bag, alexander wang, £626.

One of the colors of this winter is gray. We love it, because it's cozy, warm and comfortable. It's so cute, when I don't feel good I would just wear gray cardigan or gray dress and for some reason it gives me a feeling of being loved :). amazing.

From left to right: zara skirt, around $40. zara shirt, around $60. topshop bag, £20.

What do we do when we see plaid: "YESSSSS!!! YOU'RE STILL IN!!" :) we wear men's plaid shirt with white tank tops and Levi's, we pair plaid skirt with chiffon blouses to make our moms think we're actually studying, we're wearing plaid bags with black coats... oh yes, we love it!

From left to right: topshop, £40. topshop, £16. accessorize, £22.

Sometimes we're standing in front of the mirror thinking of how do we tie the scarf. That's why this winter we'll wear snood scarves! They'll keep you warm and they look awesome :)

So this is the end of the first part of the winter fashion post, next part will be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow - I PROMISE!

i kept all the main trends for the part 2 - it will be even more interesting, so stay tuned for the updates!



Senior year (back to school shopping)

Sun, 08/22/2010 - 10:57AM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -



It's Olga here. This year I got an opportunity to study in an American high school and now i am a senior, which means you actually HAVE to care about how you look, since i'm an exchange student. Last weekend i did back-to-school shopping and i decided to post some pictures and give some advice how to keep your style pretty simple, but make it different from others.


Tip #1

When buying tops, make sure you buy some simple ones (I prefer V-necks, they always look good and are pretty cheap everywhere)

and  buy something unique, which is different from the whole collection.

  • I bought 3 lovely  Old Navy V-necks (grey, white and pink)


  • Buy something DRESSY, like this Forever 21 top, which looks sweeet on anyone and it has a bow on the back + lifts up your breast a bit and hides your belly , so it's perfect if you want to look a bit girlier while keeping it simple. wear it with jeans and ballerinas and you're good to go.

  • buy a v-neck a few sizes bigger, so you can wear it with a tank top underneath and it look pretty good. i have Old navy one in black, i bough M size,and i normally buy S.
  • buy a few t-shirts with funny prints.     i got a BATMAN one at Hot Topic and wore it to school, so everyone kept coming up to me and starting the convo with "oh, your shirt is awesome". #win.


Tip #2

I know that some people dislike such stores as Hot Topic and consider them "scene".  Don't be afraid to shop there, you can get some amazing accesories! For example, i got these vintage earrings at HT and i'm in love with them

Tip #3

I'm used to carrying all my things in a bag or a purse, so if you are getting a bag for school , make sure you will be able to wear it with nearly every outfit and you really like it. That's why it's great if you get a bag in black/nude/white color.

I got mine at Forever 21 as well


TIP #4

jeans. perfect idea - at least five different pairs in your wardrobe. I, myself, have only three (i knowww).


Dark blue

Light blue


and Tye-dye.


so you can mix different outfits and look great.

Have fun at school and remember , it's better to be different then same as everyone!






I'm backkk!! :]

Thu, 08/19/2010 - 8:16AM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -

hello what's up you guys :]

so i know i didn't post for a while and the reason is: i'm starting my freshman year in college and i'm so excited about it! :] ok, so. today there's gonna be just a quick-tips post about going back to school or college [or even work]. let's go :]

#1. some people may think that wearing just jeans and shirts to school is ok. but look at it this way: you're spending there few hours every day and you are seen by a lot of people. so you might wanna be a little bit more creative. keep this in mind while doing your back-to-school shopping. i know, i know, it is so easy to just wake up in the morning and grab the first thing you see, which is usually nothing special and just go like that to school or college. why don't you try to spend 5 minutes in the morning or in the evening before you go to bed to choose something cute and lovely. this will impress everyone in school!

#2. i know, school [or college] is not a runway. it's not a place to show off Lady Gaga side of your personality. but [!] trends are important. before going shopping for school clothing and stuff take your time - check out some magazines, like Cosmo or web-sites like www.elle.com to find out what is IN right now - like strappy or studded shoes, oversized bags, high-waisted skirts, sequined shirt and floral dresses.

#3. but don't forget to buy some pieces that would be suitable for any time and situation. for example, pencil skirt - you can wear it with white blouse for some official meeting, or with a bright  tank top with simple grey cardigan, or with some loose shirt. don't forget about skinny jeans, simple black leather high-heels, little black dress, etc. [going back to pencil skirt NOTE: it looks best with high heels.]

#4. your make-up. SCHOOL IS NOT A NIGHT CLUB. it's not a place for glitters all over your face or feather false eyelashes. even if you're thinking about doing smokey eyes, keep it in soft, brown, natural-looking colors. but as for me, here's what i recommend you to do: apply make up base, conceal circles under your eyes and any other imperfections and apply foundation if needed. when it comes to lips don't forget to use lip balm to keep them look smooth and soft. for eyes here are some ideas:

- black eyeliner is suitable for almost any situation. but keep the line thin, you don't want that Amy Winehouse look at school.

- smokey eyes, but as i already mentioned, try to apply brown and beige eye shadows to keep your look more natural and soft.

- if you don't want to look like everybody else, use colored eyepenciles, like the ones in emerald or turquoise. try to use one color at the time, and line thin, don't overdo it. if you want to do something more original, line your lower lash line. look awesome ;]

- don't forget to curl your lashes before applying mascara. this will open your eyes!

#5. for hair avoid any experiments the night before your first day at school. dying your hair would be not the best thing to do. i'll do the review on different hair styles really soon so we'll talk about it a little bit later :]

so that's it for now. nest blog post will be up tommorow and i'll see you guys later.

byeeee :]]]


Summer in the City

Thu, 07/29/2010 - 2:49PM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -
Summer in the City
A perfect way to combine a hoodie and shorts. Add bright Converse and a hat - and you will get a cute summer look. Model: Christy Z.


Things worth investments #2

Sat, 07/24/2010 - 1:20PM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -

Ok, ok, I know, I ditched one day. But…
So yeah, 2nd thing you might wanna invest into are jeans. You may have billions of those from cheap stores that cost you $20, but try to have one pair, that you’ve spent some extra money on, or choose quality over quantity. Try to be serious about it. Nice jeans will help you to cover up everything that you don’t like about yourself and bring out everything that people admire about you. Like, for me perfect jeans are the skinny ones. I’m about 5’6” so this type of jeans makes my legs look longer and therefore makes me look taller. Moreover, I’m really slim and I don’t have anything to hide, so skinny jeans are perfect for me.
Ask shop assistant for help, read magazines – try to make a right choice. You will wear them for a long time, so invest in good models. One great thing about expensive jeans is, unlike a lot of cheap ones, these look gorgeous with almost everything.
I’ve created 3 looks that will probably give you some inspiration, and teach you how to mix things around simple pair of dark jeans [if you want jeans with cutouts or something like that, try cheaper stores].
And remember – when I say expensive, I don’t mean $xxxxx.00. Just so you know :]

Look #1. Created on www.polyvore.com

“This office is not so boring anymore”
As you can see, jeans are suitable for office if you add this gorgeous pink bow blouse and a simple black blazer. High heels always fit working atmosphere, so you might wanna get a pair of those. These cute earrings will match your blouse and a blazer at the same time. I love false eyelashes, but since it is an office space, try not to use a lot of other beauty products. Line your eyes with dark eye shadows and smudge it a little – very simple, but still sophisticated. Keep lips nude and pay a lot of attention to your skin color - people shouldn’t see any results of late working hours. And don’t forget your favorite watch!

Look #2. Created on www.polyvore.com

“Your not-so-average role model”
If you have to go meet HIS parents, or visit your aunt, or you are going to some kind of family reunion, try this look. Keep it simple with men’s shirt and throw this gorgeous stud vest over it. To keep everything in place, use skinny belt [it will also draw attention to your waist]. Wear flats – this is not an office or a runway, so you might wanna feel comfortable. You don’t need to take a lot of things with you, so don’t bring a huge bag, use clutch. Since it’s not an office anymore, you can add some color to your make-up: line your eyes, for example. And don’t use a lot of accessories – stud earrings will be enough.

Look #3. Created on www.polyvore.com

“Admit it, you love the way I look”
This look is great for everyday life. Simple jeans – nothing special with a nice grey shirt with pretty detailing on the shoulders will look absolutely adorable! If you’re not so familiar with heels, wear a pair of Nikes – always in, always great. Huge it-bag will help you to carry everything you need with you. If it’s winter, throw leather jacket and a huge grey scarf on. I try not to use make-up in my everyday life, so I decided to keep it simple – just eye pencil, mascara and clear lipgloss. This outfit is really simple, so you can add a lot of accessories. But I always think that the less - the better, so I added a necklace, ring and stud earrings. And I think that’s enough to look gorgeous in your everyday life.
Here are just 3 looks, but your possibilities are endless! With a pair of nice jeans you’ll look different every day, so… good luck!
Stay tuned for more updates,
P.S. – guess what?? Our blog got featured! check out this profile: http://www.onsugar.com/user/vap
Vap, who also became our first follower featured us in this here: http://blog.onsugar.com/Rules-Tips-PopSugars-Retail-Therapy-9276845 which is about Vap’s favourite posts this week. And our “summer make-up bag: what do you need” got in there! thank you sooooo much!! :]


Things worth investments #1

Wed, 07/21/2010 - 4:12PM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -

Hi guys :]

So beginning today for four days I am gonna be blogging about 4 thigs that should be in your closet and that are worth spending some extra money on. Ok, I am a girl too and I know how much do you want to spend $xxx.00 on that gorgeous blouse or on that cute cardigan, but I'd recommend you something better than this. I figured there are only 4 things that a worth some extra dollars. Don't get me wrong, I am not talking about spending thousand of dollars on some designer pieces. What I am trying to point out is: you may spend $20 on some skirt that is SO IN this season, but there are some things that look cool any season any year. They match pretty much any outfit and are great helpers in creating a flawless look. So why don't we start right now?


Yes, high heels. I know that not every girl can walk in something other than flats or flip-flops, but high heels worth spending time and money on. Why? Let's see.

a) they match any outfit you choose [ok, I'm not talking about beach shorts or some L-sized shirts on skinny girls, but who knows... :]].

b) they are actually really comfortable if you choose ones that are made from good materials and that are well-done [it means: you don't fall as soon as you get in these shoes :]]]

c) they make you look slimmer, higher and your legs look longer. Your back will be straight and your chest will always be up. Which is a good feature of high heels.

So how exactly do you make such shoes go with any outfit?

I created 3 looks for you and will try to show that these shoes are suitable for any situation ;]

Look #1. "Who said your boss is boring?"

This is a look for girls and women who work in office and have some kind of dress-code. I chose there skinny pants, blouse [which is a pretty dress-code thing] and decided to rock everything up with this gorgeous stud vest. This is a key item of the whole look, so try to keep your accessories as simple as they can be. Here's your gorgeous-high-heels time! They will look really simple, won't stress out the overall image and will perfectly go with this amazing it-bag. Remember, office is not a night club, so keep your make-up in neutral, pastel colors, that won't make your boss go "WHAAAT?".

Look #2 "I'm gonna sequin this party up!"

This is a totally party look. The main thing in this look is this gorgeous sequin dress, which speaks for itself. It doesn't need a lot of accessories, so this shoes are a must-have for this look. Red lipstick kind of matches clutch [in some way], so leave eyes make-up free except for the mascara - it will help you, my flirty friend ;]]] What more can I say? You're gonna be a center of attention.

Look #3 "On the way to grab some coffee"

This is more for your after-party morning. Just imagine: you decided to meet with your friends in the mall and grab some coffee. Of course, you won't wear a dress from the previous night, but you might still wanna look sophisticated. So try these skinny jeans that balance baggy grey shirt [aka i-had-a-great-night-but-i-still-look-perfect-and-i-don't-care-what-you-think shirt], your favourite heels, that will glamourize that look and a cute bag. You might want to add some pops of color, so I'd highly recommend a red nail polish and a berry lipgloss. And of course add some simple accessories.

So as you can see, nice high heels are really worth buying. You will spend more on them, than on some flip-flops, but as you can see... the result is totally worth it. Nice leather heels should be a must for every girl and you will never regret it.

Stay tuned for more updates,



summer make-up bag: what do you need

Wed, 07/21/2010 - 9:14AM by whatasparkle 0 Comments -

Helloooo! :]

So it shouldn't be a big secret to you, that summer make-up is really different from the one you wear during fall, winter or spring. During cold months you can experiment with your make-up as much as you want, not being afraid of it melting down because of high temperatures. Your face throughout June, July and August should look fresh and natural. My biggest advice is: try not to use a lot of stuff [like foundation base-concealer-foundation-powder-bronzer etc.], because, first of all, you don't want to look like you're wearing a mask, and, secondly, you want to be confident about your make-up. High temperatures will obviously make you sweat [a little, but still yucky, i know, right] so your make-up will melt down and look terrible.

You may also want your make-up to be waterproof. Summer is usually about swimming, and it doesn't matter if you're swimming in the ocean or in the pool - you still need to look gorgeous. And, of course, don't forget about SPF. You need to protect your skin and lips from sunlight, so you might wanna buy products that'll help you out with that.

Last but not least, keep in mind that your face during the summer should be cleaner than ever!! You don't want any dirt in the pores, so this point is really important. Let your skin "breath".

Well, let's get down to products I use. During the summer I usually don't use foundation and all other stuff like that. My skin is pretty much alright, so I don't have to use concealer too. However, I have troubles getting tanned, my skin is usually pale, so I have to use bronzer. I chose this one:

Photo: Whatasparkle courtesy.

Bronzing powder by MAC is a must in my summer make-up bag. According to MAC's official web-site it costs $22.00. I bought the one in "Golden" color, which is the lightest [told you, my skin is really pale so I don't want to make my face look darker than the rest of the body]. To apply this I use the biggest brush from a brush set, that I got a while ago. I got it from Coastal Scents and here is what it looks like:

Photo: Coastal Scents coursety. The brush I use is in the center. This set is in stock and costs $16.95 which is a pretty good deal for people who are just starting working with the make-up.

So dab this brush into the bronzer and then [don't forget this step] TAP OFF ALL THE EXCESS. I usually apply it under the cheeckbones, on my forehead, chin and nose. Also, don't forget jawline and the area near your hair, because this is something people usually forget. This powder has a pretty light texture, but, still, don't overdo it. Wearing a mask isn't such a good idea for a flirty summer ;] Also, remember, bronzing powder doesn't protect you from the sunlight [doesn't have SPF] so you might wanna use some sunprotecting product under this powder.

Next, eyes. As I said, you should use waterproof products. I use Chanel Inimitable in black. You can tell it's waterproof, because it has this golden line on it. This is what it looks like:

Photo Courtesy: Whatasparkle.

According to Chanel's official website it costs $30.00 and the best thing about it is that it is not only waterproof, it also has all the features best mascaras have - it make your eyelashes longer, it curles and separates them, giving them volume. I think, you can get it in 2 more colors, but I always use black mascaras to give my lashes that nice even dark color. So this one is the best. I went swimming few days ago and, be sure, this mascara won't come off your pretty eyelashes ;]

When it comes to evening or night, I want to define my eyes and bring them out. To do this I use eye pencil. Here, I am not really creative too - I use black waterproof Bourjois eye pencil. I am not sure you can find it somewhere in the U.S., but I want to give you a general idea about how good is it to have black waterproof eye pencil.

Photo courtesy: Whatasparkle.

This is what mine looks like. So what are the pros of whaterproof black eye pencil? First of all, it won't sweat off in summer's heat and won't wash off in the ocean or pool. Secondly, it gives you a huge freedom in make-up. You can line your upper lash line to get that business-lady look. Add some eye-liner on your water line to get that clubbing look to go out on Friday/Saturday night. Smudge it a little to get a smokey-eyes effect. So this product is a must in your make-up case.

Now let's get down to your lips ;] as I wrote in my previous post [sweet lips for sweet girls] smooth and soft kissable lips are the must for any girl. To make them look even more attractive you [of course!] need a nice lipgloss. As I mention earlier, try to get one with SPF, because skin on your lips is really thin and you need to protect it from any "sun damages".

I want to introduce you to Bigelow lipglosses. They are SOOO amazing, seriously! You can get one in Bath&Body Works, and I highly recommend you to do so. Here's the web-site for you to check out these lipglosses: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2128726

They cost around $7.50, but as I remember I got 2 for $5 or something like this. I'm running out of the second one, which is Mentha Lip Tint:

It tastes pretty amazing and it smells great too; it's really minty, you know? It moistures your lips, and... ahhh I can't express all my emotions about this :] I always want to eat it off my lips!

Though this one doesn't have an SPF in it, it is worth buying. But if you are really about protecting your lips [which is good], try this:

It's SPF 15, which is great, and I'm also pretty sure it tastes and smells amazing [just like all Bigelow glosses do ;]].

When it comes to cleaning your skin and moisturizing it, I can't recommend you certain products, because I don't know your skin type obviously ;] But what I do is I use face scrub 3 times a week, lip scrub every other day, eye make-up remover every evening [since I use waterproof cosmetics], and also daily wash my face with Clean&Clear stuff. So nothing special about it ;]

So that's pretty much all I use for my summer make-up. Told you, you don't need a lot to look gorgeous throughout these sunny summer months.

Stay tuned for more updates :]